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  • What do Hose Colors Mean When Welding?

    What do Hose Colors Mean When Welding?

    I reme,ber the first time I had a torch in my hands. I turned on the gas, struck some sparks and a little blue flame slickered into life. Magic. But how did that happen. What was coming from those tanks. And what did these colors mean? They came in a variety of colors, and I…

  • Why Do Welds Crack?

    Why Do Welds Crack?

    What are the major causes of cracked welds? A weld will crack most often due to improper welding techniques before, during, and after the welding process. Common causes of cracking include inadequate preparation of the work piece, poor part fitment, inaccurate welder settings, and contaminated filler materials. There is good news, however. Many, if not…