Increase Your Vocabulary: A Guide to the Most Common Welding Terms

What welding terms should welders know?

A well-developed welding vocabulary is crucial to rounding out your welding skills and abilities. Certain procedures require comprehension of these terms and phrases. Knowledge of welding terms prioritizes you over your competition when looking for welding jobs. You should practice learning welding vocabulary as often as you work with your welding machine.

Welding isn’t just about melting metals together. There’s a whole other component to it that many people overlook: terminology.

Though some might consider it to be confusing jargon, welding terms actually convey critical information necessary for whatever welding project is before you. That’s why knowing common welding terms and phrases builds a solid foundation upon which your welding skills can flourish. The more you know about how to talk about welding, the better your physical skills will become.

To aid you in laying that foundational knowledge, we’ve put together a list of the most common welding terms you’ll encounter. We don’t claim to be the experts on what proper welding is and isn’t; this isn’t a technical document by any means. With that said, each of these terms can be found on a variety of welding websites as necessary knowledge. We encourage you to dig deeper into terms you aren’t familiar with and continue your learning beyond this post.

Now, here are the most common welding terms you should know—and their definitions, of course.

The Most Common Welding Terms You’ll Encounter

Below, you’ll find an alphabetized list of welding terms. Each section is broken up into groupings of letters, so you can more easily find the term you’re looking for.






















Memorizing welding terms can oftentimes feel like learning a new language. But can French help you build your own roll cage or show you the strongest weld joints?

Learn More About Welding

Even though welding is a physical skill that requires manipulation of objects, there’s a lot you can learn about it online. In fact, a number of welders have taken to YouTube to share their knowledge. Search through what’s posted and you’re sure to find a video or two that sparks your interest and teaches you something new.

Beyond watching videos, though, you can also join local welding communities. These groups may or may not be official, but it’s definitely easier to learn about welding by spending time with those who have a passion for it.

Finally, you can always find resources on welding here. We strive to bring you informational and inspirational content that allows you to imagine and create whatever you can dream up. Whether it’s prospective welding careers, the future of the art, or even teaching yourself new methods, there’s always something to be said about welding.

Are there any welding terms we missed? What other resources do you find helpful for learning about welding? Share your comments with us below.

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